BYE BYE BRACEFACE // Breaking up with Plastic

I recently watched a short BBC Video on their app called "Breaking Up With Plastic" that if you've got a spare 5-7mins, I'd urge you to watch. 

Although I carefully consider most other aspects to do with recycling and being mindful of waste - I thought that simple household objects were unavoidable and had to be plastic. Plus, I was doing my bit everywhere else! 

But as with all these things, once you become aware its hard to ignore. I had no idea that you cant recycle toothpaste tubes - did you? Or even given a minute to consider the numerous plastic toothbrushes I'd throw away over time. 

And this week coincides with the braces being lifted after just over a year of having them on. So it seemed only fitting to treat myself to some toxic-free, environmentally aware dental products!

Now I know this might be a little far for some of you - a bamboo brush I am yet to try also! I'm familiar with Urtekram's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, as per one of my first posts here. And I've been looking at Georganics for some time now, considering a gentler approach to whitening that I promised myself I'd give myself once the braces were lifted.

Watch this space.

FEEL THE LOVE // Ere Perez's Red Lip in Fiesta

Todays the day! Are you feeling the love?

Well I certainly am for this Cherry Red Olive Oil Lipstick by Ere Perez in Fiesta which packs such a punch it puts matches even the big guns like Mac's Russian Red.

OK so it's not totally matte - but we all know how to get around that with a light touch of translucent powder to dampen down shine - don't we ladies?

Olive Oil is the main component in this rich and nourishing stick, which has got me all in a tizzy for the big day, so much so I went all out on red, for the most romantic day of the year.



GOLDEN EYE // LUSH's Eye Jewel in BEST

Let me cast your mind way back to the balmy sunny days of August.. It was my birthday & exactly a week after that our Wedding Anniversary, so we headed to The Big Smoke to indulge in some treats. One of which was a wonderful massage and spa treatment from the incredible LUSH Spa at Kings Road

I chose Synaesthesia, a super relaxing treatment which seemed to last forever and one of the few treatments which actually saw me headed quickly to the land of nod. 

After our visit, we hit up Oxford Street LUSH, and quickly up to the third floor make up counter where I first saw this jewel glimmering away, exclusive only to the Oxford Street Store.

What I love about this product is the potent sunshine-y yellow, is creamy enough to sweep across the eyes without rubbing your skin raw on your delicate lids to get the colour off. There's no staining the next day and the zero-waste packaging initiative; it comes just as is it, in a transportable and recyclable cardboard box, is perfect! 

Go bold, sweep it all the way up to  beyond your brow bone & finish it off with a translucent powder to stop creasing.



BEAUTIFUL BEIGE // ZOYA's Nail Polish in Avery

A stunning, long lasting nude from Zoya, a brand that cares about animal care (this colour is vegan!) just as much as it does your lovely body, by leaving the chemicals behind as well.

A five free nail polish that sat well through many a pool dip on a week long holiday when I chose it as my colour of choice for a getaway last year .
Two coats is enough for an affective long lasting colour.

Remember to use a top coat
(I used ButterLondon's Quick Topcoat, from Boots).