SWEET AS A NUT // Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara

Received as a birthday present last month from my in-laws, this mascara is thicker and packs a little more of a dramatic punch to my usual daytime mascara (Green People's Volumising Mascara), and I think that's down to a different wand-shape, with wider spacing between the rows of bristles allowing more space for the inky rich mascara to sit between, thus transferring to the lash. 

There's a sweet smell to this product - one that I'm not overly keen on if I'm honest - and I was surprised to the size of the mascara is quite small in comparison to what others are offering at a cheaper price. 

But the rich, inky blackness is worth the while requiring less time to build up upon than other mascaras and as per usual, I'm a big fan of Ere Perez's clean branding and pure ethos.


Here's a few snaps of me wearing it:  




FAKING IT // Pure Rice Powder Bronzer, Ere Perez

With the dappling of glorious (& rare) sunshine over here in the UK at the moment - a touch of bronzer to the face & neck is the perfect cheat to a decent glow-y and safe sun kissed look. 

I recently purchased Ere Perez's Pure Rice Bronzer from Naturismo (kinda like the Green answer to Amazon) & have been super impressed. 

Beautifully simple, handwritten clean branding, with safe and pure ingredients listing and - much to my delight - a clear stance on anti-toxic ingredients in their products, dedicated to caring of the environment & people (no child labour, organic, pure ingredients full of natural properties & a gentle nod to recycling on the back) with a long list of free from's on the packet and website.

A couple for that Free From List include Parabens (A estrogen-mimicking chemical with potential links to Breast Cancer) Phythalates (another known hormonal disrupter, causing reproductive issues & a cancer concern) & Mineral Oil / Petroleum (For the EU it's good news, Petroleum used in products must be a proven non-carcigen, but for elsewhere the close link between PAH contamination & petroleum is a known cancer developer). 

With the bronzer itself, my only slight hunch is the container itself feeling potentially a little plasticky - reminiscent of my childhood Polly Pockets, in size and feel in the palm of my hand. (90s child..)

But the product itself - is not too heavy, crumbly, dark, cakey or clingy - it's lightweight touch when swept across the skin using a wide powder brush adds a finishing, easy to build, bronzed look, with no weird glittery particles making me feel like I've raided the Christmas cupboard. 

Plus it's cruelty free and vegan. 

Here's a few snaps of what it looks like on:


BEST DRESSED GUEST // Pistachio Perfection

Perusing one afternoon in Snoopers Paradise towards the end of a hot and sticky Saturday afternoon - and pretty much at the end of my tether search for the perfect Wedding Outfit in just a couple of weeks - I finally found these two beauties. 

One.. a pistachio punch of a dress; floaty & fitted in all the right places. 

And, to my amazement - a pair of vintage Rainbow Heels that actually fit.

A lot of twirling and umm-ing and urr-ing in the mirror ensued.. until nearly every customer in the shop had me convinced that this dress was supposed to be mine

No other way to complete the look then, by pairing with some huge earrings that I wore on my Wedding Day & a smear of Sunshine Yellow Eyeshadow to clash the look, just right.

Dress, Bag & Shoes - Vintage
Cruelty Free Yellow Eyeshadow - Sugarpill Cosmetics




PLAIN PINK TEE // A Second Hand Story

Today's Story:

A quick and simple rummage in your nearby Charity Shop usually pays off. 

This week's find?

Two Uniqlo pastel pink and lilac t-shirts; never worn, super soft and the right size for £2.50 each, nestled beneath some weird and wonderful bits and bobs. 

It was a no brainer.

Styled simply with some clean bright white eyes, from Vegan Eyeshadow Maker, Sugarpill 



Sugarpill Cosmetics in Tako from Cocktail Cosmetics - EYES
British Heart Foundation, Hove  
Mary's Living & Giving Shop, Blackheath - BANGLES


BIG HAIR DON'T CARE // @loveyohair (Cuttlefish Eco Hair Salon)

Got my hurrr did my a special babe & fellow Eco Warrior
(we're cool with that term)
called Yo last Saturday. 

Yo decided we both had the same kind of hair;
fine and limp but lots of it!

So we beefed it up with a plethora of gorgeous products from Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Beauty Brand Davines; in particular the Sea Salt Spray, Dry Texturiser & Texturising Dust. All of which I shall be filling my hair styling drawer with promptly.

The result?

Big, Beachy, Lioness tresses. 

I was super chuffed.



Sugarpill Cosmetics in Buttercupcake - EYES
Organic Pharmacy Blusher - SKIN
American Apparel (Sweatshop Free) 
- Black Chiffon Box Top
Blackout, Brighton - BLUE FAN EARRINGS
Secondhand - BANGLES