Theorie boasts loud & proud on the front of the bottle that it contains safe ingredients, free from nasties. I don't feel the need to smother lots of it over my locks in order to nourish and condition; for me a little goes a long way.

In an attempt to keep an eye on the finances I've been pursuing larger, salon-sized bottles to see if spending more on a decent product pays off in the long run.

Retailing at nearly £30 for an 800ml bottle - I've found a little trick to keep costs down - TK MAXX. I've spied and bought it here for more like £12, which brings me a warm sense of thrifty smugness; bargain hunting for posh luxury products which would otherwise be a payday treat.

Once dry, my hair is smooth and soft to touch.

...And on a completely superficial level, it's simple, elegant brown bottle packaging is a pleasure to the eyes plus it smells a dream.

Paraben / Sulphate / Sodium Chloride / Phosphate Free
Cruelty Free