For over a year now I've been fumbling around with the idea of writing online about beauty and health products that carry a conscious; be it environmentally friendly or cruelty free products.

I've been procrastinating because I've been afraid of the term ‘blog’ - some of the associations with this idea nowadays makes me cringe a little. Plus it’s vulnerable, it’s talking about something I'm personally really passionate about and people might just not give a toss.

But the truth of the matter is there will always be people out there who aren’t as interested as you are in what you love and in actual fact most of my friends who I've mentioned it to have been very enthusiastic.

So what I'm hoping is that by sharing this little secret with you and having it made known, there’ll be a little light shed on the fear of it all falling flat on its face and you can back me up to be more productive on writing about this secret passion of mine for 2016.