BYE BYE BRACEFACE // Breaking up with Plastic

I recently watched a short BBC Video on their app called "Breaking Up With Plastic" that if you've got a spare 5-7mins, I'd urge you to watch. 

Although I carefully consider most other aspects to do with recycling and being mindful of waste - I thought that simple household objects were unavoidable and had to be plastic. Plus, I was doing my bit everywhere else! 

But as with all these things, once you become aware its hard to ignore. I had no idea that you cant recycle toothpaste tubes - did you? Or even given a minute to consider the numerous plastic toothbrushes I'd throw away over time. 

And this week coincides with the braces being lifted after just over a year of having them on. So it seemed only fitting to treat myself to some toxic-free, environmentally aware dental products!

Now I know this might be a little far for some of you - a bamboo brush I am yet to try also! I'm familiar with Urtekram's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, as per one of my first posts here. And I've been looking at Georganics for some time now, considering a gentler approach to whitening that I promised myself I'd give myself once the braces were lifted.

Watch this space.