SPRING FEELS // Cle Melting Lip Powder in Ultra Summer

This potent little minx of a bright Coral shade brings a little summer to the depths of winter, and has been used here on my cheeks to show a little goes a long way.

To show off the colour - I’ve worn a bright, tangerine-orange nail shade, so you can see the difference tone; it’s more of a neon coral tone and has just the warmth I was looking for. The bottle, as you can see is quite small - but it packs quite a punch so I imagine it to be very long-lasting.

The wand-like application comes within and attached to the lid, so it’s easy to get the potent pigment all over the place. I’d lift out slowly and over a surface which you don’t mind it dropped onto. I also found it best to dab a bit on my hand first then straight onto the face.

In this instance, better to apply over a tinted moisturiser or similar. If there’s a moisteriser of some sort be it highlighter etc. sitting underneath, it feels like this’ll mean it’ll sit best on your skin.

When rubbing in - I found the affect more like a stain, but it is still malleable. So if you’re looking for the right level of cheek stain that mixes well into the skin, I think this just might be the trick.

A great instant, perkier-tone to awaken Spring flushed cheeks in the midst of deep dark Winter.


Sulphates & Heavy Oils

No animal testing / cruelty free / VEGAN


Free People UK

WEAR: Cle Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder
RMS Beauty Highlighter (skin), RMS Beauty Un Cover Up (skin), Ere Perez Mascara, Aveda Tinted Moisturiser (skin), Butter London Nails, and American Apparel Ethical Tee.
Beaded Necklace: Thrifted