GETTING TO GRIPS WITH THE ESSENTIALS // Tea Tree & Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils

The middle of “British Summer” wouldn't usually conclude one to the subject of baths – but amidst this humidity combined with a long days' set building, by body is usually quite battered and bruised. Include within that a few cuts / scraps / wearied muscles and you've got yourself a fantastic combination for a rare soak in the tub. 

I'm not a massive bath fan, more of a bish-bash-bosh character; just get it done. However recently I have been entertaining the idea with the accompaniment of a few essentials. 

Essential Oils that is. 

It was a Cornish trip in June & upon the discovery of a tucked away health shop with a large selection of delicious scents, including an index on how to use them, that I became curious. 

I also grabbed a little secondhand book from the library; an encyclopedia of essential oils if you will, and started small with one oil I recognised, and one oil I didn't, 

Tea Tree Oil & Sweet Marjoram.

I was sceptical at what a difference this could make to relaxing body and mind, but as soon as the wave of heady medicinal steam hit me I was charmed and instantaneously relaxed.

Both Tea Tree & Sweet Marjoram are known for their antibacterial properties. Blended together they create a calming balance, Sweet Marjoram in particular having a relaxing affect on both the pulse and the breath.

Before I had overlooked Essential Oils; unaware of their power and potency to heal. But the tide is changing. I feel like I'm at the beginning of a potentially endless exploration learning about essential oils and how they work; using them within cleaning products, beauty treatments, homemade skincare rituals as well as in the everyday. 

I'm really drawn to the idea that all we need has already been provided right in front of us in bountiful amounts through these powerful little pockets of plants.