I've never been one for exercising or sports and massively discounted my ability to succeed in this. The biggest thing for me to overcome in this area was my own self. Here were a few of the rules I applied to exercising in 2015:

1.       No ‘I’ll start Monday’ attitude about anything health related. If I ate the chocolate bar, I wasn't going to beat myself up about it and sulk. I would eat the chocolate bar and continue to run later that day.

2.       I wasn't going to measure the distance or timing of my running and I most certainly was not going to get frustrated if I hadn't thrashed my target from the day before. Each time I exercised was going to be an achievement simply because I’d moved my body that day.

3.       To realign my thinking from ‘weight goals’ and ‘losing weight’ to focusing instead on keeping my heart healthy, muscles moving and blood pumping. I was going to be grateful that I had a body that was able and I was going to use it.

One of the other things I had to overcome the most was the fear of other people’s opinions of me. I was wrongly thinking that every time I stepped outside the door I would be ‘found out’ as not ‘a runner’. Instead I told myself these strangers didn't know that, maybe I was slow because I had a knee injury? Or maybe I was a professional who had been running all my life! I also figured that if I was focusing on all these thoughts about myself whilst running, chances are, other people were focused on themselves too.. not how silly I looked.

Running became relaxation. It’s the only thing I do on my own, that I want to do on my own. It’s my time to focus, do something for myself and switch my mind off. I'm proud that I got my body moving to discover something that I can do for myself - without adhering to putting pressure on myself - in order to enhance my health and my well-being.