BEST DRESSED GUEST // Pistachio Perfection

Perusing one afternoon in Snoopers Paradise towards the end of a hot and sticky Saturday afternoon - and pretty much at the end of my tether search for the perfect Wedding Outfit in just a couple of weeks - I finally found these two beauties. 

One.. a pistachio punch of a dress; floaty & fitted in all the right places. 

And, to my amazement - a pair of vintage Rainbow Heels that actually fit.

A lot of twirling and umm-ing and urr-ing in the mirror ensued.. until nearly every customer in the shop had me convinced that this dress was supposed to be mine

No other way to complete the look then, by pairing with some huge earrings that I wore on my Wedding Day & a smear of Sunshine Yellow Eyeshadow to clash the look, just right.

Dress, Bag & Shoes - Vintage
Cruelty Free Yellow Eyeshadow - Sugarpill Cosmetics