I love the piano more than any other instrument and I can play a bit too.. But I'm not Alicia Keyes. Last year I stopped hiding my piano in the cupboard under the stairs and placed it smack bang in the middle of my living room so it challenged me everyday - wooing me to play it.

Some days I ignored it, telling myself I didn't have time to indulge in such luxuries - there were jobs to do, things to plan and people to see.

But occasionally, I confronted my nervousness that I wasn't yet a master pianist and reminded myself to slow the pace down a little to practise. Sometimes it was scales, sometimes it was learning new chords, sometimes a new song was born. Rarely did I walk away from the piano regretful about the last few moments I had spent twinkling away. And now I can hardly wait to pop it back in its rightful place once the Christmas tree is down, bang smack in the middle of the living room!