REBEL REBEL // A Second Hand Story

Why Vintage?

Vintage, Second Hand, Thrift Store, Charity Shop, Hand-me-downs.
Whatever you title your pre-loved clothes; vintage shopping promotes a cleaner environment by being mindful about waste & recycling as you're not adding to landfills.

Plus, it's fun.

Whether its hunting down the perfect item to see if it'll fit as nicely as it sits on the hanger or having a laugh because it looks utterly ridiculous once you've tried it on; everyone knows there's a certain thrill in finding something completely unique that no one else can get their mits on.

Today's Story:

My usual take is that an item of clothing is that it makes more sense to purchase if it's viable for multiple occasions. So there's two approaches to this dress; formal & informal.

I first wore it when singing at a wedding with nude sky-high heels & bright red lips, but today I threw it on with my vintage denim over coat, messy mane and my favourite paint splattered vans.

I always tell my pals I feel like my style goes to about 80% polished.. & then I hold back a little bit of scruff. 

Hence, the vans. 


6Six6, Melt Cosmetics - LIPS
Eye Coal, Fat & Moon - EYES
Pedal to the Metal, Lily Lilo - EYES
Green People - EYES
LUSH Light Yellow - SKIN
Beyond Retro, Brighton
Oxfam, Bestival - DENIM
Mary's Living & Giving Shop, Blackheath - WOODEN HEXAGONAL BANGLES

Photos by Elle Smith