SILVER LINING PT. 3 // LUSH Silver Lining Pigment in Success

Last but not least!

The final part of this Silver Success Series is something a little more subtle for those of you who want to brave something new by adding a little extra too the norm, but don’t want the drama of Look Two.

What does it achieve? Well, this look highlights the corners of your eyes for a daytime twinkle.

The inner corners of your eyes

A small flick underneath your bottom lashes in the outer corner

This look is a finishing touch, so set the rest of your make up the same way you would in Look Two.

Keep it precise, and work with the thinness of the brush to essentially follow the inside corner of your eye into the eyelid and towards the pupil.

Now the underlying exterior tick is tricky, mostly to match up to the other, I like to stabilise the line with my little finger on my cheek & follow the angle parallel to the bottom of the eye.
Work with your eye shape, start in the middle and extend outwards.

Explore a few different versions, with the bottom tick shorted or longer - you could even pop it over smokey eyes - it’s supposed to be fun! Afterwards, neaten up with a cotton bud - don’t be discouraged; it might take a couple of attempts.