SILVER LINING PT. 2 // LUSH Silver Pigment Eyeliner in Success

PART TWO from my Silver Success Series is here.

Pt. 2 remains playful but encourages you to go bolder still by taking it all the way to the brow. There’s an obvious throwback to the 70s here, brought back up to date with a modern, metallic sheen. 
The fresh, minimal make up to the rest of the face, means it brightens up a daytime venture and is easy to sass up once Saturday's sun set begins to set.

The entirety of the eye


Firstly - Shape up your brows with a couple of simple strokes.

Now >> Cheat it!
Prime the lid with a little foundation and a dusting of powder to set it.

Now >> Mess it up a bit!
Take the silver all along across the lid, down into the inner corner, through the crease and up to the brow bone, extending to the outer corner.
Blend in very lightly with a brush or fingertip towards the outer of the eye.

Now >> Neaten it up!
Take a cotton bud and address the edges, so that’s the inside by the bridge of the nose and on the outside that may have blended into the upper cheek.

Perfect for the weekend
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