With highly pigmented colour accompanied by a beautifully simple design and a cheeky British twist to naming their bottles - one of the first reasons why I picked up on Butter London’s colourful array of nail polishes was actually because they’re proudly part of the 7-Free Club.

That’s none of the highly toxic Formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene in their nail polishes - the latter of which is a highly toxic organic compound acting like a solvent in your nail polish to give it an ‘even glide’ & set to the nail.

Why avoid Toluene?
Well amongst other things Toluene has the potential to cause birth & developmental defects, so should be avoided by pregnant women. But as this toxic solvent is recognised by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review as an unsafe ingredient to use within cosmetics, I wondered why it's needed in my nail polish at all and wanted to avoid it myself. 

Feeling comfortable that my nail beds wouldn’t be doused in an array of too many harmful chemicals - my colour of choice to dazzle dreary January is the classic UNION JACK BLACK (7-Free) accompanied by a glittery fade out in THE BLACK KNIGHT (3-Free).

Rain, be gone!

No Animal Testing / Ingredients