BIG HAIR DON'T CARE // @loveyohair (Cuttlefish Eco Hair Salon)

Got my hurrr did my a special babe & fellow Eco Warrior
(we're cool with that term)
called Yo last Saturday. 

Yo decided we both had the same kind of hair;
fine and limp but lots of it!

So we beefed it up with a plethora of gorgeous products from Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Beauty Brand Davines; in particular the Sea Salt Spray, Dry Texturiser & Texturising Dust. All of which I shall be filling my hair styling drawer with promptly.

The result?

Big, Beachy, Lioness tresses. 

I was super chuffed.



Sugarpill Cosmetics in Buttercupcake - EYES
Organic Pharmacy Blusher - SKIN
American Apparel (Sweatshop Free) 
- Black Chiffon Box Top
Blackout, Brighton - BLUE FAN EARRINGS
Secondhand - BANGLES

THE BIG DADDY // Daddy-O, LUSH Cosmetics

Initially, the thought of slapping dark purple shampoo on my ice white tresses that my talented hairdresser spends so much time on to achieve, seemed fairly terrifying.

But I’d heard that the purple tone counteracts brassiness in blondes and I trusted the cleansing and brightening factor of the citrus lemon / lime combo in this shampoo.

Scented with a perfume reminiscent of parma violets, softening and moisturising without creating greasiness, Daddy-O is now such a firm favourite and absolute staple in my bathroom it’ll be hard to trial others to put them to the test.

Natural Ingredients

No Animal Testing / Cruelty Free


Theorie boasts loud & proud on the front of the bottle that it contains safe ingredients, free from nasties. I don't feel the need to smother lots of it over my locks in order to nourish and condition; for me a little goes a long way.

In an attempt to keep an eye on the finances I've been pursuing larger, salon-sized bottles to see if spending more on a decent product pays off in the long run.

Retailing at nearly £30 for an 800ml bottle - I've found a little trick to keep costs down - TK MAXX. I've spied and bought it here for more like £12, which brings me a warm sense of thrifty smugness; bargain hunting for posh luxury products which would otherwise be a payday treat.

Once dry, my hair is smooth and soft to touch.

...And on a completely superficial level, it's simple, elegant brown bottle packaging is a pleasure to the eyes plus it smells a dream.

Paraben / Sulphate / Sodium Chloride / Phosphate Free
Cruelty Free