Lewis & I are hopeless at recognising when to take a break. We’re fortunate enough to love what we do and we thrive when we work hard.

In 2015 we set ourselves the goal of taking a holiday - maybe even two (!)
We’d learnt the hard way that continuous working without relaxing to take stock equates to burnout and a stagnant imagination. So with that in mind we planned ahead, snapped up cheap deals and learnt to take up chances without regret – freelancing means you’re almost always guaranteed to be offered work the minute you book a holiday!

And we did it! We managed a hiking holiday in remote Snowdonia and our first proper fortnight away together when we visited Goa in October.

It might sound trivial but I'm most proud that we recognised we need time for peace of mind to refuel and ignite our imaginations again. I'm proud we took a risk to live out our dreams and remain present by booking out these two periods of space – because otherwise what are you working towards, if you’re unable to enjoy the fruits of your labour.