THEORIE PROVEN // Grapefruit Revitalising Conditioner

Why mess with a good thing?

In February I talked about the Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Conditioner from Theorie & quickly went out to scout out another one that was similar when it ran dry.

Theorie’s Grapefruit Revitalising Conditioner feels like a more lightweight counterpart, ideal for baby-fine hair like mine - so it doesn’t get clogged down once dried.

The Grapefruit extract blended within it provides it’s fresh and zingy scent which Theorie claims is a natural benefit from this antioxidant-rich fruit to prevent the effects of free radical damage.

I’m still a big fan of the brown bottle sitting classically in my bathroom and find a larger bottle of conditioner seems to last lots longer these days, than using up a hefty volume of cheaper brands in one sitting.

Clean, smooth, untangled hair that isn’t frizzy or heavy with weighty product is the final result after use.