TIME TO REJOICE // Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

I have always been drawn to this interestingly disheveled, pushed and pressed little aluminium tube when in my nearest and dearest Health Food Shop, Infinity Foods and now I finally have one of my own of the cult hit facial creams, Rejoice by Antipodes. 

Now if you're not a marzipan fan, look away now, this bad boy has a heavenly scent of almonds that I just relish. And there's no getting away from that fact, it's the only scent there is to this.

It also is as light as a feather to apply, without copping out on moisturisation. My everyday moisturiser used to be, 'Celestial' by Lush for years, but I found that product sat on top of my skin, causing a slightly greasy feel and sometimes creasing with my make up. 

But there's none of that fussing with Antipodes, which seeps in quickly and feels nourishing to the skin. Manuka Flower oil, which is super restorative, is one of the main ingredients as is the fatty goodness of avocado oil equalling it totally replenishing to the skin. 

I like that Antipodes is totally upfront about its organic ingredients where possible and has considered it's packaging to be environmentally aware (no plastics/just biodegradable cardboard) & has made a devilishly decadent, yet light, moisturiser good enough for everyday.