ALMOST FREE // A Secondhand Story


Last of the Summer Haze.. 

Photographs by Joe Pearson

dress, jewellery - thrifted

EYES: Ere Perez, Nars Face: Aveda, RMS Beauty, Kosas Lips: Green People Velvet Damask Rose Nails: Maggie Ann in Jessy

BYE BYE BRACEFACE // Breaking up with Plastic

I recently watched a short BBC Video on their app called "Breaking Up With Plastic" that if you've got a spare 5-7mins, I'd urge you to watch. 

Although I carefully consider most other aspects to do with recycling and being mindful of waste - I thought that simple household objects were unavoidable and had to be plastic. Plus, I was doing my bit everywhere else! 

But as with all these things, once you become aware its hard to ignore. I had no idea that you cant recycle toothpaste tubes - did you? Or even given a minute to consider the numerous plastic toothbrushes I'd throw away over time. 

And this week coincides with the braces being lifted after just over a year of having them on. So it seemed only fitting to treat myself to some toxic-free, environmentally aware dental products!

Now I know this might be a little far for some of you - a bamboo brush I am yet to try also! I'm familiar with Urtekram's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, as per one of my first posts here. And I've been looking at Georganics for some time now, considering a gentler approach to whitening that I promised myself I'd give myself once the braces were lifted.

Watch this space.

FEEL THE LOVE // Ere Perez's Red Lip in Fiesta

Todays the day! Are you feeling the love?

Well I certainly am for this Cherry Red Olive Oil Lipstick by Ere Perez in Fiesta which packs such a punch it puts matches even the big guns like Mac's Russian Red.

OK so it's not totally matte - but we all know how to get around that with a light touch of translucent powder to dampen down shine - don't we ladies?

Olive Oil is the main component in this rich and nourishing stick, which has got me all in a tizzy for the big day, so much so I went all out on red, for the most romantic day of the year.



GOLDEN EYE // LUSH's Eye Jewel in BEST

Let me cast your mind way back to the balmy sunny days of August.. It was my birthday & exactly a week after that our Wedding Anniversary, so we headed to The Big Smoke to indulge in some treats. One of which was a wonderful massage and spa treatment from the incredible LUSH Spa at Kings Road

I chose Synaesthesia, a super relaxing treatment which seemed to last forever and one of the few treatments which actually saw me headed quickly to the land of nod. 

After our visit, we hit up Oxford Street LUSH, and quickly up to the third floor make up counter where I first saw this jewel glimmering away, exclusive only to the Oxford Street Store.

What I love about this product is the potent sunshine-y yellow, is creamy enough to sweep across the eyes without rubbing your skin raw on your delicate lids to get the colour off. There's no staining the next day and the zero-waste packaging initiative; it comes just as is it, in a transportable and recyclable cardboard box, is perfect! 

Go bold, sweep it all the way up to  beyond your brow bone & finish it off with a translucent powder to stop creasing.



TRUTH BE TOLD // Hourglass' Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Truth

I'm already a big fan of Hourglass' Opaque Rouge Liquid Lip which are long lasting and super pigmented, but more recently I've been opting for a healthy, sheer lip over a heavy matte. 

Hourglass seems to nestle nicely within a scientific approach to "free from" safe ingredients and chemicals whilst remaining stylish with a decent product that works well to deliver. 

I love that this colour Truth enhances a natural lip colour, rather than covers, which I've been preferring lately to compliment my braces. 


Hourglass LipGlass.jpg

SWITCH IT UP // This Is A Texturizing Dust by Davines VS Super Dust by L'oreal


In the words of my hairdressers, past and present:

"Girl got fine hair, but girl got a lot of it..."

So, from time to time, girl gotta get a little help.

Five years ago, a hairdresser friend of mine popped L'oreal's Super Dust into my hen do goodie bag, as part of my box of tricks for Wedding Day hair.

Before then, I'd never seen or heard of these sticky little minxes; a funny dry powder dust that sticks, clumps and volumises the hair particles. So I've used it for every big event or night out since.

However, use with these little guys with caution. If you ever accidentally breathe one of those minuscule dry powder particles in, BOY do you know about it. That lovely sticky, clumpy magical thing it does to your fine tresses? Also happens right into the back of your throat, and you'll most certainly end up eye-wateringly coughing and spluttering up your entire evenings make up efforts.. classy.  

So I did a straight swap.

I have noticed a significant difference to my panicked dusting, holding my breath episodes and shoving all over since switching up from L'oreal Super Dust to Eco Brand, Davines This is a Texturizing Dust.

And whilst Davines could work a little harder to confirm to us general public whether or not they are an entirely Cruelty Free Brand, it settles me more knowing I'm opting for a brand which cares significantly about the planet, from their 100% Clean Energy Production Guarantee  to their programmes promoting Zero Impact Salons




TIME TO REJOICE // Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

I have always been drawn to this interestingly disheveled, pushed and pressed little aluminium tube when in my nearest and dearest Health Food Shop, Infinity Foods and now I finally have one of my own of the cult hit facial creams, Rejoice by Antipodes. 

Now if you're not a marzipan fan, look away now, this bad boy has a heavenly scent of almonds that I just relish. And there's no getting away from that fact, it's the only scent there is to this.

It also is as light as a feather to apply, without copping out on moisturisation. My everyday moisturiser used to be, 'Celestial' by Lush for years, but I found that product sat on top of my skin, causing a slightly greasy feel and sometimes creasing with my make up. 

But there's none of that fussing with Antipodes, which seeps in quickly and feels nourishing to the skin. Manuka Flower oil, which is super restorative, is one of the main ingredients as is the fatty goodness of avocado oil equalling it totally replenishing to the skin. 

I like that Antipodes is totally upfront about its organic ingredients where possible and has considered it's packaging to be environmentally aware (no plastics/just biodegradable cardboard) & has made a devilishly decadent, yet light, moisturiser good enough for everyday.  




SWEET AS A NUT // Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara

Received as a birthday present last month from my in-laws, this mascara is thicker and packs a little more of a dramatic punch to my usual daytime mascara (Green People's Volumising Mascara), and I think that's down to a different wand-shape, with wider spacing between the rows of bristles allowing more space for the inky rich mascara to sit between, thus transferring to the lash. 

There's a sweet smell to this product - one that I'm not overly keen on if I'm honest - and I was surprised to the size of the mascara is quite small in comparison to what others are offering at a cheaper price. 

But the rich, inky blackness is worth the while requiring less time to build up upon than other mascaras and as per usual, I'm a big fan of Ere Perez's clean branding and pure ethos.


Here's a few snaps of me wearing it:  




FAKING IT // Pure Rice Powder Bronzer, Ere Perez

With the dappling of glorious (& rare) sunshine over here in the UK at the moment - a touch of bronzer to the face & neck is the perfect cheat to a decent glow-y and safe sun kissed look. 

I recently purchased Ere Perez's Pure Rice Bronzer from Naturismo (kinda like the Green answer to Amazon) & have been super impressed. 

Beautifully simple, handwritten clean branding, with safe and pure ingredients listing and - much to my delight - a clear stance on anti-toxic ingredients in their products, dedicated to caring of the environment & people (no child labour, organic, pure ingredients full of natural properties & a gentle nod to recycling on the back) with a long list of free from's on the packet and website.

A couple for that Free From List include Parabens (A estrogen-mimicking chemical with potential links to Breast Cancer) Phythalates (another known hormonal disrupter, causing reproductive issues & a cancer concern) & Mineral Oil / Petroleum (For the EU it's good news, Petroleum used in products must be a proven non-carcigen, but for elsewhere the close link between PAH contamination & petroleum is a known cancer developer). 

With the bronzer itself, my only slight hunch is the container itself feeling potentially a little plasticky - reminiscent of my childhood Polly Pockets, in size and feel in the palm of my hand. (90s child..)

But the product itself - is not too heavy, crumbly, dark, cakey or clingy - it's lightweight touch when swept across the skin using a wide powder brush adds a finishing, easy to build, bronzed look, with no weird glittery particles making me feel like I've raided the Christmas cupboard. 

Plus it's cruelty free and vegan. 

Here's a few snaps of what it looks like on:


BIG HAIR DON'T CARE // @loveyohair (Cuttlefish Eco Hair Salon)

Got my hurrr did my a special babe & fellow Eco Warrior
(we're cool with that term)
called Yo last Saturday. 

Yo decided we both had the same kind of hair;
fine and limp but lots of it!

So we beefed it up with a plethora of gorgeous products from Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Beauty Brand Davines; in particular the Sea Salt Spray, Dry Texturiser & Texturising Dust. All of which I shall be filling my hair styling drawer with promptly.

The result?

Big, Beachy, Lioness tresses. 

I was super chuffed.



Sugarpill Cosmetics in Buttercupcake - EYES
Organic Pharmacy Blusher - SKIN
American Apparel (Sweatshop Free) 
- Black Chiffon Box Top
Blackout, Brighton - BLUE FAN EARRINGS
Secondhand - BANGLES

MY NUDE OBSESSION // Green People's Damask Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick

I received this gorgeous shade Damask Rose recently from Green People & it literally couldn't come at a better time. 

I was coming to the end of my favourite everyday wear, Kinda Sexy by Mac, knowing that my love affair with Mac had truly run its course and wondering how on earth I was going to find a suitable organic, clean replacement for it. 

I really loved Kinda Sexy because it seemed to be a universal suit, mousey brown or blonde hair, it still worked. I'd also compliment my girlfriends on their lippy on nights out - only to find out later as we were all wearing the same shade!

Sp, thankfully Green People's Velvet Matte Lipstick is exactly the same - only better!
Damask Rose is a rosey-nude tone complete with animal friendly colourings and a completely matte without caking, drying or cracking. 


There are NO petrochemicals, synthetics or preservities in this nourishing lipstick full of Vit E, Beeswax & Carnuba Wax.

It feels super velvety and soft to wear, it stays put & it doesn't dry your lips out.

I love it when a brand delivers on what it says it's product can do. There's nothing more annoying then purchasing a product that says it's matte, and its not, says it's highly pigmented and doesn't last or says its organic and isn't true to form. 

Damask Rose, is thankfully, not one of those tales.

I would sooo recommend the replacement to switch from a "dirty" unethical brand like Mac to Green People's Damask Rose if you're in love with nude-rose shades at the moment, which are so easy to wear. 

This lipstick truly delivers. 


Green People's Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose - LIPS
LUSH Feeling Younger with Hurraw! Balm Slick - EYES
Green People Volumising Mascara - EYES
LUSH Light Yellow - SKIN
Lily Lolo Mineral Bronzer - SKIN
Thrift Store, Canada 
Wild Pony Vintage Store, Falmouth - VINTAGE DENIM
Blackout, Brighton - BRASS BANGLE

REBEL REBEL // A Second Hand Story

Why Vintage?

Vintage, Second Hand, Thrift Store, Charity Shop, Hand-me-downs.
Whatever you title your pre-loved clothes; vintage shopping promotes a cleaner environment by being mindful about waste & recycling as you're not adding to landfills.

Plus, it's fun.

Whether its hunting down the perfect item to see if it'll fit as nicely as it sits on the hanger or having a laugh because it looks utterly ridiculous once you've tried it on; everyone knows there's a certain thrill in finding something completely unique that no one else can get their mits on.

Today's Story:

My usual take is that an item of clothing is that it makes more sense to purchase if it's viable for multiple occasions. So there's two approaches to this dress; formal & informal.

I first wore it when singing at a wedding with nude sky-high heels & bright red lips, but today I threw it on with my vintage denim over coat, messy mane and my favourite paint splattered vans.

I always tell my pals I feel like my style goes to about 80% polished.. & then I hold back a little bit of scruff. 

Hence, the vans. 


6Six6, Melt Cosmetics - LIPS
Eye Coal, Fat & Moon - EYES
Pedal to the Metal, Lily Lilo - EYES
Green People - EYES
LUSH Light Yellow - SKIN
Beyond Retro, Brighton
Oxfam, Bestival - DENIM
Mary's Living & Giving Shop, Blackheath - WOODEN HEXAGONAL BANGLES

Photos by Elle Smith




Recently I’ve managed to get my hands on the Replenish & Renew Serum from the S5 Skincare Range. Their carefully considered packaging gets back down to the basics of glass and paper, whilst remaining sleek in it’s design.These two sumptuous serums come in an extremely satisfying lab-style glass bottle with adjoining glass pipette stored separately to the bottle.

For me, one of the most impressive things for me about S5 Skincare is their clarity in their ingredients listing. The Replenish serum boasts 100% natural ingredients, 30% being organic, making me feel like I’m putting on a high calibre, pure product on my skin to get the best version of what it really needs.

If I’m going to be honest I’ve struggled with facial serums so far. As a personal preference, serums feel like they sit more on top of the face rather than penetrate in the deeper dermis like a fatty, thick cream seems to.

But I’ve been using the Replenish & Restore Serums as a night treatment to aid dryness during those recuperating twilight hours. Both feel quite different to one another - Replenish feeling more like a liquid oil; thinner in it’s consistency with a little going a long way. Whilst Renew is slightly thicker, more like a traditional cream form. Both smell absolutely divine and are a real treat to an end of day cleansing routine before bed.

If serums are your thing over creams, I would certainly recommend.